Ted Leo & Matador


(photo by Jody VB)

We’re a very fortunate bunch of people over at Matador Records & Filmworks.  Not only do we get to work within a stone’s throw of a Trump construction site (and a Chipotle!), but we’re also associated with our favorite artists-on-the-planet, some of whom we were crazy, sick fans of long before the opportunity to put out their records was even discussed.   And that’s the context in which we’ll gladly announcing the signing of Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, with a new full-length album tentatively schedule for release in early 2010.

Though a succession of releases for the Gern Blandsten, Ace Fu, Lookout (and most recently) Touch & Go labels, Ted has established himself as one of the best songwriters breathing, regardless of genre. For the sake of argument, however, we’ll testify that Leo’s marriage of modern punk with classic pop is always subject to revision and reinvention — if we weren’t confident that you’d be blown away, there’d be no need for this conversation. The Pharmacists’ fantastic recordings have been supported with kinetic performances on big & small stages  around the globe, and next year should be no exception.

The new album, as yet untitled, was recorded throughout 2009 at Brooklyn’s Seaside Lounge. Art and further details to follow.

9 thoughts on “Ted Leo & Matador”

  1. So glad to see Ted sign with a great label. Ted is a fantastic performer, a great songwriter and a genuinely nice guy. Just listened to the rough mix of “Last Days” over at Stereogum and it sounds like the new record will be another good one.

  2. Ted Leo remains to be one of the best live performances that I’ve ever seen. His energy is unrivaled and, as Frank said, really is a “class act.” Congratulations to Ted Leo, The Pharmacists, and Matador!

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