Kurt Vile – Nothing To See Here…

Oh but there is! Kurt Vile’s excellent Childish Prodigy is out 10/6 (pre-order it here and get the “He’s Alright” 7″ free), and we’ve noticed there’s a wealth of great Kurt video footage floating around these here internets.

Starting today and continuing each day this week we’re going to highlight some choice KV video action for your enjoyment. The first clip comes from our friends at Yours Truly and features Kurt giving it to the kids all acoustic-style on the aformentioned “He’s Alright”, as well as “Breathin’ Out”.

2 thoughts on “Kurt Vile – Nothing To See Here…”

  1. i think he’s great – though he should really be carefull not to kill someone with those strings. c’mon, man, cut them off! hahahaha. but this footage is great and his songs are beautiful.

    since Matador is obviously bringing Pavement to São Paulo, Brasil (and i say “obviously” cos i’m hopeful you won’t disappoint us), Kurt should come along and open for them. what do you guys think?

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