Girls “Album” Premiere This Monday

Dear Friends,
The weekend is pretty much here but honestly, we’re already looking forward to Monday. This Monday, September 14th, we’re going to premiere Girls’ “Album” as a high-quality stream on the True Panther Sounds site,

If you’ll forgive the editorializing: This is a day that comes after almost two years of hard work by the band, a lot of blood sweat tears laughs and late nights, and the result couldn’t be more exciting for any of us. A lot of you maybe have heard a couple of songs off of the record already, one of them got named one of the top songs of the decade, others have floated around on singles and blogs. Some may have even heard the janky leak! But beyond those few tastes, Album, is a packed and fully realized treasure- the 12 tracks touch on so many familiar and beloved sounds but are fundamentally powered by the unchecked honesty, unbridled sincerity and incredible craftsmanship that is so hard to find in music these days. The New York Times put it better than I probably can (that is why they’re paid to write I suppose!). It’s not a re-exploration of the sounds we have loved but in fact the songs on this album are “templates for others to copy“. This is one of the proudest and most exciting time in this young label’s young life and we want to thank the band and you guys for making it happen.

The premiere stream will be available on the site at 10AM EST, in high quality streaming format from beginning to end. We hope you enjoy it.

Stream “ALBUM” HERE Monday September 14th, 10AM EST
Pre-order “ALBUM” HERE

GIRLSLust For Life (mp3)
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