Times New Viking Unplagued

Folks, we could not be more excited about the September 22nd release of Born Again Revisited by Times New Viking. The melodies on this record are as catchy as any the band have written (and we defy you name a group writing catchier jams than TNV), but there’s also a depth to the album that truly rewards repeated listens.

Following last week’s star-turn portraying another one of our favorite artists, Times New Viking return with a live performance of “No Time, No Hope” (a song you might have already heard).

Not just any live performance, this is (correct me if I’m wrong B/J/A/Dave Martin) the first ever acoustic performance by Times New Viking. Shot in Chicago in a rogue run at the Pitchfork Music Festival by Babelgum and Dig For Fire, the performance also appears in an episode of Babelgum’s Ice Cream Man series.

As Dave would say (has said), Times New Viking are unSTOPPable!!! And people, you can pre-order the record for $12 on CD and $13 on vinyl! And BOTH versions come with TWO 7″s and a special poster. Best deal ever, no jk.

OK, here’s the clip:

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