Yo La Tengo BEGN#8: first bonus mp3 up

It’s not too late to preorder Popular Songs via Buy Early Get Now. As of today all BEGN participants can download the first of two bonus mp3s, a demo version of “Nothing To Hide.” They also get a full album stream, a poster, a bonus LP, and a copy of Popular Songs on their doorstep on release day, September 8th.

Prettay, prettay, prettay good.


3 thoughts on “Yo La Tengo BEGN#8: first bonus mp3 up”

  1. Yeah! I was a little let down by the demo/alternate versions with the last YLT BEGN, but this one is outstanding. Very different (longer, slower, instrumental) than the album version. It almost sounds like a jam from which the actual song was developed.

    Prettay, prettay good indeed.

  2. Will someone ever reply?? I cant download those damn bonus mp3s though I have ordered BEGN. I demand a direct link in my email

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