ABC News’ Dan Harris Does For Yo La Tengo…

….what John Stossel did for “Doctor D” David Schultz. OK, it’s friendlier than that. Anytime a national news program uses words like “sanctum sanctorum” and “late to the party” in relation to Yo La Tengo, we could not be more pleased.

(ADDENDUM : not to look positive media coverage in the mouth or anything, but please accept our apologies in advance for the advertisement that plays prior to the YLT/ABC clip. Blackberry Loves U2. U2 Loves The Virgin Prunes. Does Blackberry love the Virgin Prunes? You can’t presume anything.)

One thought on “ABC News’ Dan Harris Does For Yo La Tengo…”

  1. Thanks for the Dr. D clip, I’d never seen it. Now dig up Hulk Hogan dropping Richard Belzer on his face!

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