Yo La Tengo – Popular Songs vinyl is in


And it looks and sounds incredible. Heavy-duty gatefold sleeve printed at Stoughton. Two HQ-180 gram LPs pressed at RTI. Four custom Matador labels based on classic record labels of the distant past.

The album artwork is built around sculptures by Dario Robleto. On the front, At War With the Entropy of Nature / Ghosts Don’t Always Want to Come Back (2002) depicts a cassette made out of carved bone and bone dust from every bone in the body, trinitite (glass produced during the first atomic test explotion, from the Trinity test site in 1945, when heat from the blast melted surrounding sand), metal screws, rusty and typeset. Two other works appear on the interior gatefold and the back cover.

The album comes with an MP3 download coupon for all 12 songs – 74 minutes of music.

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If you preorder the album as part of Buy Early Get Now, you’ll get an additional vinyl LP of gorgeous, wonderful instrumental score composed and performed by Yo La Tengo for the motion picture Adventureland. This LP is exclusive to this promotion and has not been released in any form before. You’ll also get two bonus MP3s, a free poster, and other surprise extras.

You can also choose to preorder the record separately, without participating in Buy Early Get Now.

Preorder from Other Music (Buy Early Get Now version)

Preorder from Insound (either version)

Preorder from the Matador Store (either version)

Preorder from Amazon (regular version)

Preorder from iTunes (digital version only)

Or visit buyearlygetnow.com and use the map to find a physical store near you.

UK and Europe customers: please visit Buy Early Get Now UK.

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  1. All BEGN customers will get the itunes bonus track as part of our “you get it all” pledge – everything that was part of any album version on week of release will be given to BEGN customers for free once the 90 day exclusivity day has passed.

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