Sonic Youth – 2nd Boston Show Added


(Ayal Senior’s YouToob shots of SY at Toronto’s Massey Hall, June 30, ’09)

No sooner than we announced Sonic Youth were playing Boston’s Wilbur Theatre on November 23 than an internal message was circulated stating said date was not supposed to be revealed to the public for another week. Good luck getting the genie back the bottle — it’s a slippery slope from a Matablog post to a mention on The View or an angry editorial from Tass.

Anyhow, even if the incidents are completely unrelated, we’ve learned today that Sonic Youth have added another Boston show (again, at the historic Wilbur Theatre) on November 22. If you wanna give me all the credit, I’m happy to take it. There’s nothing more important to us than THE PUBLIC’S RIGHT TO KNOW.