Welcome: Cold Cave

(image from Johnny Hanel‘s flickr)

Over the past 18 months, we’ve encountered a series of maddeningly limited vinyl and cassette releases* from the fantastic Philadelphia outfit, Cold Cave. With records on Dais, Hospital Productions and What’s Your Rupture, Cold Cave effortlessly marry elements of experimental noise, sound collage and synth pop. Last month, they released their debut longplayer and one of the most exciting debut albums we’ve heard, ‘Love Comes Close’, on their own publishing house, Heartworm Press. Not surprisingly, it sold out immediately.

We are happy to announce that Matador will be re-releasing ‘Love Comes Close’ worldwide on November 3 as well as additional odds and ends to be announced shortly.


Cold Cave is led by musical journeyman Wesley Eisold and is joined by an orbiting line-up that includes fellow allies Caralee McElroy (formerly of Xiu Xiu), Dominick Fernow (contemporary noise icon Prurient) and Max G. Morton (celebrated author).

We’ve provided two downloadable mp3s from the album:

“The Laurels of Erotomania” (160kbps mp3) showcases album’s rhythmic sensibility with menacing dissonance dappled atop.

“Life Magazine” (160kbps mp3), already an online favorite, brings sonic warmth emerging from Cold Cave’s electronic landscapes, and as The Fader writes, “swims soft, an unmistakable pop bubble bursting bar after bar.”

Cold Cave have collaborated with Prurient, contributed to 2009’s No Fun Fest and have gigged with groups ranging from NON to Comet Gain. You can find Cold Cave on the West Coast in September with many more dates being confirmed as we speak.

September 3: Soda Bar, San Diego w/ Crocodiles & Strange Boys
September 4: The Casbah, San Diego w/ Glass Candy
September 5: LA Historic State Park, Los Angeles: FYF Fest (w/ Black Lips, Lightning Bolt, Fucked Up, Times New Viking, Kurt Vile & More)

* latecomers can find many of these tracks compiled on the Hospital Productions collection ‘Cremations




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  1. Wonderful news, what what. We guarantee feature coverage around the album. have Nils call me. best, A Sulzburger

  2. I have been listening to tracks from this band and have fallen deeply in love. This is AMAZING stuff. Wish I didn’t have to wait until November for the reissue but judging from those songs it’ll be worth it. Superb!!!!

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