Buy Early Get Now, Now Deep Fried And Wrapped In Newspaper


Buy Early Get Now #8 has officially launched in the UK.  It offers the same tasty treats of an instant stream of the entire album, the Adventureland score on LP, bonus MP3s, a poster and your choice of Popular Songs on LP or CD.

For any of you Brits looking to save a little on shipping, just go to the special BEGN-UK page and order it now.

6 thoughts on “Buy Early Get Now, Now Deep Fried And Wrapped In Newspaper”

  1. Aw crap. I already ordered via the US store.
    Could have saved big time if you told us about this sooner…

  2. fiona – at this point we don’t have any stores but we’ll let you know asap.

    ian – apologies. it just took us a bit longer to set up in the UK. just so you know, we’ll be doing these for UK customers for each BEGN from here on in. we’ll let you know if that won’t be the case when we announce.

  3. Thanks Adam. Good to know this will be available for future excursions. I mentioned it elsewhere but providing for a different shipping address would be very helpful.

    Also apparently you don’t HAVE to be based in the UK to use this site 😉

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