Girls’ “Album” out Sept. 22, Rejoice!

Photo by Sandy Kim

We are proud to announce the September 22 release of the debut full-length from Girls, entitled Album. The record will be released by True Panther Sounds, the label that released Girls’ debut 7″, “Lust For Life,” last year, in conjunction with Matador.

Built on the powerful songwriting of Christopher Owens and the ethereal production of Chet “JR” White, Girls recorded Album in a variety of bedrooms and rehearsal studios in their adopted hometown, San Francisco. The resulting 12 tracks are the perfect San Francisco summer record, evoking a narcotic, sunny afternoon in Dolores Park, yet promising the eventual hangover of summer’s departure. Album is a redemptive song-cycle about the various characters and desires that color Christopher Owens’s life. Described by the band as “honest, loose, ethereal, obnoxious and perfect,” it is a sincere tribute to the majesty of great pop music and the healing power of rock and roll.

Album’s seven-minute opus, “Hellhole Ratrace,” rated by Pitchfork as “one of the 100 best songs of the year,” will be available prior to the album‘s release date on a limited-edition 10″ vinyl single.

The video for “Hellhole Ratrace,” directed by Aaron Brown, can be seen here
If you are outside the US, Canada and Mexico, please visit the Turnstile site for more information

1. Lust For Life
2. Laura
3. Ghostmouth
4. Goddamn
5. Big Bad Mean Motherfucker
6. Hellhole Ratrace
7. Headache
8. Summertime
9. Lauren Marie
10. Morning Light
11. Curls
12. Darling


8 thoughts on “Girls’ “Album” out Sept. 22, Rejoice!”

  1. I’ve always resisted checking these guys out in deference to the guys who did “Jeffery, I Hear You.”

    It’s the same reason I never bought the Void record.

  2. Nuts. I thought this was gonna be about Matador reissuing the Daevid Hild Girls’ album. Get on that, Gerard!

  3. i was going to complain that a perfect summer record should be released in the summer, but then i realized it said perfect san francisco summer record, so never mind. looking forward to it!

  4. Can’t wait to see these guys at Matador 21. It’ll be strange to watch them at 4:40pm. Always thought they would be more of a 2am band.

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