4 thoughts on “God Help The Girl – Streaming Early, Often”

  1. I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty disappointed in Matador’s miserable excuse for customer service. I went out and bought the vinyl of ‘God Help the Girl’ the day it came out (4 days ago.) I was very excited to download the album in mp3 format as I was promised I would be able to do for free. However, when I tried to do this I got an error message telling me that the zip file doesn’t exist. Then I tried again and it said my code had already been used.
    I emailed [email protected] and haven’t gotten a single response. I also have a friend who was going to buy it on CD and I urged her to get it on vinyl also and she’d have the free mp3 download. Hers didn’t work either. I guess assuming that it would work was my mistake.
    Problems happen, I understand that. What I don’t understand is how a company as large as Matador can not bother to respond to customer issues in four days. My friend emailed also and she hasn’t heard anything. There is no customer service phone number to be found and no other emails on the site.
    I have been waiting for this album for months and now can’t listen to it on my ipod or in my car or on walks. Albums like ‘God Help the Girl” need all the help they can get and people like my friend and I that go out to buy an album on vinyl the very day it comes out should be the most valued of customers. Instead, I feel like I’m being punished for having given my business early and ignored by customer service.
    For an industry being ripped apart by illegal downloading, you’d sure think a giant company like Matador would hire a few people to answer emails to keep their most valued customers happy.
    I certainly won’t be recommending my friends buy Matador any longer.

  2. Joshua,
    We regret you had any difficulties with the God Help The Girl download code.
    We do try and address every issue a customer has on an individual basis, however there are occasions where we can’t get back to everyone immediately. This, sadly, was one of those occasions and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
    Your past support is appreciated and we hope you’ll give us another chance in the future.

    Mike Venutolo-Mantovani
    Matador Records

  3. Another excellent work by B&S! Somewhere between 1964 and 2009, there exists an album…this is it 🙂

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