Pavement – Brighten Deluxe on vinyl, June 23

Pavement - Brighten Deluxe 4 LP vinyl

On June 23 we will finally be releasing one of the deluxe Pavement reissues on vinyl. Originally slated to come out at the same time as the double CD last fall, endless production issues held up the package.

You can preorder it HERE

The set contains 4 HQ-120 gram LPs pressed at RTI in a heavy-duty matte-stock folding cardboard gatefold set, as depicted above. It also contains a 16-page 12″ by 12″ full-color matte-stock booklet, plus a download card for all 48 tracks.

Note! the vinyl contains 8 tracks that would not fit on the CD version (some of which were only discovered after that set was released). They are:

  • Westie Can Drum (Elastica) – previously unreleased recording
  • Stereo (Remix) – remixed by Steve Fisk for the second pressing of the promotional single for radio
  • Agony Of The Stars – unreleased song recorded for the film ‘Sweethearts’
  • Birds in the Majic Industry – B-side to “Stereo” CD single (a second, unreleased version was on the double CD of the album, and is also included here)
  • Painted Soldiers – unreleased, live from KCRW 2/25/97
  • What Goes On – a Velvet Underground cover, unreleased, live from KCRW 2/25/97
  • Kris Kraft – unreleased, live from KRW 2/25/97
  • And Then (7″ version) – B-side to “Spit On A Stranger” 7″

That last track, the majestic, monumental 7″ version of “And Then” (a version of the song also known as “The Hexx”) was originally intended to be the opening track of the Brighten The Corners release. The band decided to remove it entirely and relegate it to a B-side at the very last minute.

We know that this is expensive… and we know that many of you have already spent your hard-earned dollars on the double CD version. Unfortunately the economics of producing deluxe sets like this one (in either format), combined with the timing problems that bedevil this kind of release, means that we are not in a position to offer people any discount or buy-back. Sorry. If this one proves successful, then we will move forward with vinyl releases on the previous three deluxe editions.

On a lighter note, some of you may remember our “Date w/ IKEA” contest to mark the CD release, which we called Brighten Your Corners. Home furnishings-challenged fans were encouraged to submit photographs of their sad apartments. The winner, Jenny Bergen of New York, got a date with Bob Nastanovich to the IKEA in Red Hook, courtesy of the free ferry across New York Harbor in the dead of February, along with money to spend on furniture. We filmed the “date” and you can watch it here:

Brighten Your Corners: Date W/ IKEA – Pavement

Preorder Brighten The Corners – deluxe vinyl.

Pavement - Brighten Deluxe 4 LP vinyl set

Pavement - Brighten Deluxe 4 LP vinyl

8 thoughts on “Pavement – Brighten Deluxe on vinyl, June 23”

  1. Howsabout offering the 8 bonus songs as downloads on the BEGN site for those who participated?

  2. Yeah, would be great if those who originally participated in the BTC BEGN were offered those 8 tracks.

  3. beautiful release. just perfect! i don’t think i have ever seen a quad-gatefold. this is the type of thing that will keep record labels in business. great job, matador!!!

  4. Looks awesome, but @ $65 dollars I cannot afforded. Will the original album be released on vinyl independently of the bonus material as well in the near future? I would rather have that.

  5. This looks great.

    I’d even cough up a few bucks for FLAC downloads of the eight songs. Any chance you’ll make those available?

  6. I would like to agree with the other fine folks who mentioned something of making said eight tracks available to BEGN customers. Heck, I’d even pay a little bit extra for them.

  7. Count me in as someone who would pay extra for those eight tracks. I’ve participated in all of the Pavement BEGN offers.

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