Sometimes after a multi-course decadent Asian feast you want something simple. This ribeye came from Baczynski Brothers Meat Market in the East Village. Better known for their hams and sausages, they are also a full-service butcher. The first ribeye I got from there made me think I’d found an East Side competitor to Ottomanelli. This is the third and now I think that first one might have been flukily excellent. It had a perfect, Lugerish musty, nutty quality. This one was just very good, well marbled and about 2 inches thick, salted and seared to a caramelized crisp on the outside, rosy rare in the center, served with white rice and lemon and baby peas. And yes Fiona, the wine was a 2002 Givry from Choffelet-Valdenaire. Meals like this put the wine front and center, in this case deservedly so. $28, seek it out.

5 thoughts on “Ribeye”

  1. of all the cuts, ribeye is not usually one of my top picks, but i’ll give it up, your’s is lookin’ pretty good. have you been to minetta tavern yet since the changeover? i believe they’re serving a ribeye and one other cut that bruni went ape shit over. assuming you read that one.

  2. Got to say ribeye’s probably my favourite cut of steak, I much prefer the flavour and texture of it to sirloin or striploin.

    Will definitely make a point of looking out for that Givry. On Saturday I purchased a Chassagne-Montrachet recommended by the shopkeeper. When describing, he could barely contain his delight at it – he had it as an accompaniment to steak. It’s for drinking now, so I’ll report back soon.

  3. A red Chassagne? I ask only because you mention accompanying steak. We’ve had a few of these recently, all excellent, I guess ’cause they’re unusual enough that they’re not plagued with typical Burgundy sell-it-off-the-back-of-the-appellation con artists.

  4. Yes, it’s a red. As I mentioned when commenting elsewhere on the Domaine de la Vougeraie you recently had, the proprietor of the shop where I bought it is friendly with the family of the Domaine (Vougeraie). That seems to have opened some doors for them in terms of acquiring product that might ordinarily have gone to large wholesalers. There’s a LOT more to explore too.

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