The Eternal – shots of the vinyl package

Sonic Youth - The Eternal

This came out so beautifully that we decided to share a few pictures with you. (Click on the images for full-size versions.) The record comes out on June 9, and if you act fast, you can probably still score the live bonus LP as part of Buy Early Get Now.

Sonic Youth - The Eternal

Cover painting by John Fahey. Clock photo by Kim Gordon. Not Cool/Cool by John Moloney. Other artwork by Clarence Major, Gene Moore and Jutta Koether. Johnny Thunders photo by Danny Fields.

Sonic Youth - The Eternal

These pictures unfortunately can’t capture the heavy stock cover, or the special varnishes and finishes.

3 thoughts on “The Eternal – shots of the vinyl package”

  1. That s the most awesome vynil package of SY history with vernis selective too beautiful to be true but still magnificent artwork by KG, Jutta (I confused this one too back to Free Kitten vynil LP Sentimental Education on KRS) and other great modern art masterpieces cool not cool funny kiss my and so this is truly a great punk album – the add’l live LP is awesome too
    with love to the sonics and to the matadors
    mat from france
    get it on street date yeah ! my mailbox is magical though and very special

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