Roster Update : Kurt Vile


(photograph by Shawn Brackbill) 

We tend to start new signings entries to the Matablog with lines like “Matador Records is pleased to announce….”, but could we possibly be more redundant?  Of COURSE we’re pleased to announce blah fucking blah, are we gonna say  “Matador Records reluctantly admits….”  or “we’re obliged to tell you…”?  

So with that in mind, we’re REALLY pleased to announce — perhaps more than ever before in label history — an addition to the label roster we currently consider to be one of the more important figures in American music circa 2009.  Philadelphia guitarist/vocalist Kurt Vile first came to our attention (and possibly yours as well) with the release of the 2008 CD ‘Constant Hitmaker’ on the Gulcher imprint  ( a label whose paw prints extend to dusty genius recordings by the Gizmos and MX80-Sound and contemporary stuff from Home Blitz and Magik Markers).  What the homemade ‘Hitmaker’ (recently reissued on vinyl by Woodsist) lacked in fidelity it more than made for in scope —– to dub the album “psych pop” barely scratches the surface of  a work that’s as impossibly catchy as it is wildly experimental. 


Subsequent exposure to Kurt’s live shows in a variety of settings, both on his own and with crack ensemble The Violators, made it abundantly clear that we’d either have to sign this guy or find someone else who sounded exactly like him.  Since the latter task proved impossible, here we are.  Having signed a worldwide, multi-album pact with Matador, Kurt Vile’s first full-length for the label, ‘Childish Prodigy’ will be released on LP/CD and digital formats in Autumn 2009.  Watch this space for more  news & music to follow.

22 thoughts on “Roster Update : Kurt Vile”

  1. I picked up “Constant Hitmaker” a few weeks back and love it. Can not wait for what’s next.

  2. Oh man, I heard this a while ago and I’m so relieved that the news is true! You guys are making a very wise investment in Kurt. I can assure you he’s gonna blast off into space!!

  3. i love that long-haired freak. it’s about time he got a real deal. please play one for me. -jb

  4. this kid’s got it! about time a label has, way to go kurt, Yeadon sends its love!

  5. Kurt’s writing & talent will now be appreciated by millions. He so deserves this recognition. He is just incredible and I am m really critical.

  6. Damn Kurt, I guess this means you are not coming back to pull weeds ! They Miss YOU !

  7. You can see my head in the bottom right corner of the video for a little bit. I am wearing a green shirt. I was excited to see Kurt Vile and made sure to get up close!

  8. Just happened to pick this guys’ new record up…he’s the real deal…i’m digging his music…very nice…

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