Coming To A Multiplex Near You : The “Walk The Line” Of Movies That Feature A Ton Of Church-Burning


There have been reports of a dramatic interpretation of Michael Moynahin and Dirk Soderlind’s “Lords Of Chaos” hitting the big screen someday, and perhaps adding a mainstream movie star to the mix will help with the financing.  You’ve thrilled to Shane West as Darby Crash, tried to get your head around Elijah Wood as Iggy, perhaps you’re even psyched to see Jamie Foxx as Frank Sinatra.  But unless you’ve been reading Metal (or whoever they’ve been reading), you probably didn’t know that “Twilight”‘s Jackson Rathbone has been tapped to play the part of Varg Vikernes (above). 

Much as I respect the opinion of those who made this casting decision, I feel compelled to protest.  Who exactly does Kenneth Branagh have to fuck to get a look in?