Sonic Youth Buy Early Get Now Log In


To all of you devout Sonic Youth/Buy Early Get Now fanatics…

If you have purchased The Eternal early through either a fine indie retailer, one of our online outlets or directly from the Matador store, we MUST implore you to please log in and register your purchase on

We realize that some of you only picked up the record early to score the ever-so-awesome Live LP (ever. so. awesome.) and are not bothering to log in and get your bonus mp3s and early stream of The Eternal. But the reality is, we don’t want to run out of these limited Live LPs and the best way to ensure we don’t is for you to register on the site so that we can keep a real-time log of the amount of LPs we need. 

It only takes a minute and we will never use your registration information to market anything to you.

And to those of your who have already logged in, there is no need to log in again.