The Nuge Walks In The Big Footsteps Of Babe Ruth, Paul O’Neil…

…and Mean Joe Greene!   From the TC , you can file this one under “Journey To The Center Of You’re-Not-Reading-The-Onion” 

A Palm Beach County girl is getting a rock star send off from Fort Lauderdale airport today as the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Florida sends her to meet rock star and outdoorsman Ted Nugent.


Brianna Curry, 6, of Jupiter is battling a brain tumor and became of fan of Nugent by watching his reality show “Spirit of the Wild” on the Outdoor Channel. Make-A-Wish Foundation officials say Brianna even enjoys the rocker’s music.

During her wish vacation, Brianna, her parents and 4-year-old brother will spend four days in Texas during which she’ll meet Nugent on the set of his program at the Spirit Wild Ranch in China Spring, TX.

One thought on “The Nuge Walks In The Big Footsteps Of Babe Ruth, Paul O’Neil…”

  1. In the first Make-a-Wish to go horribly wrong, the Nuge completed his first human hunt. “I figured she had nothing to lose and that’s why she chose me” said Nugent to the girl’s shocked and saddened parents. He then handed them a blood soaked american flag and the head of the arrow that ended the hunt.

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