Sonic Youth First MP3 From ‘The Eternal’, Secret London Show


We’re pleased to launch the first MP3 from Sonic Youth’s upcoming album The Eternal (June 8 Europe, June 9 North America). It’s entitled “Sacred Trickster” and can be downloaded here:

Sacred Trickster (mp3)

“Sacred Trickster” is a 2:10 out-of-the gate hardcore matinee track with Kim singing salutes to French painter Yves Klein and Western Massachusetts noise artist Noise Nomads. It sets the tone for ‘The Eternal’, which comprises twelve tunes that are a fireworks display of Sonic Youth touchstones. From the primal no wave attack of its earliest days, to the radical chording and song structures of its ’90s period, to the more focused and contemporary explorations of the last five years. This their 16th album, and their first for the Matador label, consolidates their move to a more lush, sensual sound as displayed on last album ‘Rather Ripped’ – but if anything punchier and cleaner, and now backstopped by the addition of Mark Ibold (Pavement, Dustdevils) on bass.

As many of you are already aware, we have a Buy Early Get Now campaign running for this release. If you preorder (& pay) for the album at selected indie retailers now, you’ll get lots of extra material that won’t be available if you wait until June. You get:

– a code to stream the album early, from April 28
– bonus limited exclusive vinyl live LP on street date recorded at the River To River Festival July 4th, 2008 Concert in Battery Park NYC, either in your mailbox or your favorite record store (while supplies last)
– an exclusive poster
– exclusive additional mp3 downloads of outtakes & more live material
– early access to concert tickets in the US (especially if you sign up now)

Check for more info. (After April 28, you will also be able to preorder online.)

Plus — SECRET SHOW NEXT WEEK! We are also excited to announce that Sonic Youth will be playing an exclusive show NEXT MONDAY, 27 April, at The Scala, tickets available to purchase online from 10am tomorrow Tuesday 21 April, £25, doors 7.30pm.

US tour dates this summer should be announced very soon. New Yorkers can see the band play at the annual noise fest No Fun on May 16.

Finally, news just in that the band have been confirmed to play at the My Bloody Valentine-curated ATP Nightmare Before Christmas to be held at Butlins Holiday Resort in Minehead from December 4th – 6th, 2009.

18 thoughts on “Sonic Youth First MP3 From ‘The Eternal’, Secret London Show”

  1. Hi there. It´s a great pleasure to listen to this new song and it´s a great pleasure to air it in here on public radio in Colombia. Besides I hope to see Sonic live one of these days and at least be able to meet them and say hi, since I ´ve been listening to them for years I just want to say thanks.

  2. For the Buy Early program, if I wait until April 28 to do it online I still receive the same bonus material as if i’d ordered it in a store right?

    Looking so fwd to this album!!!


  3. Hi,
    I just bought the BEGN vinyl pre-order but wanted to know how many of the exclusive live record were being made and what my chances are of not getting one.
    That would bum me out.

  4. Hi, this song is great after first listening. I love them, in the past there were three albums which i was listening to in the same moment (according to similar time releases) – Nirvana – Nevermind, Sonic Youth – Dirty and Breeders – Last Splash. So happy Sonics are still with amazing rock alternative kickoff songs. Will we all be eternal? :-))

  5. Hmm for some reason this doesnt seem to load for me….sorry if i submitted this comment numerous times….ie is all sorts of effed up these days haha at least i still gots mahh tunes d(-_-)b

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