Happy Record Store Day!!!

Though nothing about the below image makes me happy, I couldn’t resist sharing this photo of Steve Knutson (Rough Trade/Audika) and I wating in line for Other Music to open this morning.

On the brightest New York morning of the year so far, this is what a couple of geeks look like getting ready to SPEND SOME MONEY ON RECORDS!!!!

Matador’s Record Store Day specials were slung under many an arm at Other, get to your local record store today!

Happy Record Store Day kidsssss!!!!!!!!

Steve threw me a life vest and saved my Record Store Day!
Steve threw me a life vest and saved my Record Store Day!

3 thoughts on “Happy Record Store Day!!!”

  1. Oh man! I didn’t take any pictures cause I forgot my camera…but I hit up Permanent Records in Greenpoint first – wheree I got lots of stuff (including BOTH Matador splits) – I paused on the Pavement LP and then it was gone everywhere else I went – then I hit Academy and Sound Fix. Also got the Jesus Lizard 7″ box. So much fun.

  2. it took some effort ( and a visit to 3 Newbury Comics in the Boston area), but I got both splits and the Pavement LP. Lopts of other cool things too. I’m ready for next year now …..

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