Reminder: Record Store Day and limited Pavement, Sonic Youth and Jay Reatard releases this Saturday

record store day exclusives

As Gerard posted a couple months ago, Matador will be celebrating Record Store Day with three exclusive, limited-edition vinyl releases.

Pavement Live in Köln LP
Jay Reatard / Sonic Youth split 7″
Sonic Youth / Beck split 7″

– The Pavement concert was recorded in Köln in 1998 and is a NOT the live LP included with the recent Buy Early Get Now campaign. The cover image is similar but in a different color.

– The Jay Reatard / Sonic Youth split features demo versions of songs from their upcoming albums (late August and June 9 respectively): Hang Them All and No Garage.

– The Sonic Youth / Beck split features each band covering the other: Pay No Mind (from Mellow Gold) and Green Light (from Evol).

Each is strictly limited to 2500 copies… and… pay close attention… there are extremely limited colored vinyl, numbered copies of each one, distributed randomly out there. We’re talking in the double digits.

To find the Record Store Day retailer located nearest you, visit the Record Store Day homepage. There are also exclusive releases from other labels to celebrate indie retail and help keep record store communities alive. Good luck and good shopping.

27 thoughts on “Reminder: Record Store Day and limited Pavement, Sonic Youth and Jay Reatard releases this Saturday”

  1. I’m curious about that last bit. Does this mean that each record will be released in several different colors, with a limited number of each (i.e. 500 each of 5 different colors)?


  2. Sorry, no… to be more specific, there are a very small number of each one printed in one non-black color (each).

  3. Is there any way you could tell us what shops are getting the colored ones in? Or, more generally, whether anywhere in Oregon (Eugene? Portland?) will be getting any?


  4. Sam: the deal is only in record stores… that’s the whole point, it’s Record Store Day. Get out and support your local store. Many of them are struggling to survive, and they are a crucail resource for the indie music community.

    Alicia: Sorry, we can’t – the distribution has been totally random. Good luck!

  5. It’s just unfair. I can’t afford flying 3 hours to Berlin (which where the nearest participating store is) for a few records… So i’ll guess i have to buy the stuff later on ebay, totally overpriced of course. but hey… support you record stores. pfff. i’ll guess i stop supporting the labels. isn’t it possible to put 50 copies in the online store – like kill rock stars does for example?

  6. Pavement didn´t played in Cologne (Köeln) in 1998. I saw them every time since 1992 in Cologne and they played in 1997 (at the Stollwerk) and 1999 (at The Gloria). Or is this
    the Bizarre Festival Concert which was nearby Cologne (100 KM).

  7. Sorry to bother you with one more: Are they specially marked? In other words, will I know I’m buying colored vinyl?

    Thanks again!

  8. Hello

    I noticed that both Beck and Sonic Youth’s websites were selling these today, in limited quantities of 100. Do you know if those were different pressings in any way, or just part of the main 2500?

  9. one record store on ebay selling reasonably priced($20), another trying to rip people off ($50).

  10. i just got this from amoeba records in hollywood. it’s great! mine is on red vinyl and is number 86/95 (i’m guessing of the red coloured vinyl). the tracklisting is:

    Side A
    “Shady Lane”
    “And Then” (The Hexx)
    “Date w Ikea”
    “Transport Is Arranged”

    Side B
    “Kennel District”
    “Cut Your Hair”
    “Blue Hawaiian”
    “Grave Architecture”

  11. after waiting almost an hour in line at Vaction Records in Los Angeles. We find out they have one copy of the SY/ Jay split. The owner kept the other four copies and all of the beck/Sy (5 copies) to his damn self ( an employee told me). They sent out emails advertising the Matador releases and had a packed store because of it. What is Matadors opinion/ position on record store owners hourding the releases and using them to draw in customers?

  12. Amoeba in hollywood sold out of the sonic youth splits by noon today, so I’m pretty bummed that i won’t be able to get a copy. hearing that beck had copies earlier, adds salt to the wound… I should have checked his website when I got back from the store. Either way, i still did some damage to the checking account.

  13. I also went to Amoeba in Hollywood and they sold out of the limited splits before noon which was kind of crappy since it was so packed and had people waiting in line around the building before the store opened.
    It just didn’t seem very organized.
    I got some good stuff but maybe labels don’t think there are still avid collectors out there but just reading here what’s going on; there should have been a few more released.

  14. Bummed about record store day, I’m a lifelong Pavement fan and I went to support the local indie store. When I got there I watched the owner open up the box with all the exclusives and tell me that everything was already spoken for. I’m all for cool record stores, but shitty behaviour makes me not want to go back. I see stores turned around and posted ‘the exclusives’ on ebay for a shortsighted profit. Cheers. mission accomplished, fate sealed.

  15. “What is Matadors opinion/ position on record store owners hourding the releases and using them to draw in customers?”

    in best Woody Harrelson from “Kingpin” voice : We’re against it!

  16. since it seems like many fans tried to get these releases, but couldn’t, what’s the chance you might be able to at least post the mp3s? The vinyl would still be rare, but at least we’d be able to hear the music.

  17. I understand that the point of RSD is to bring people out to the local shops; it’s a great coordinated marketing gig. Really good idea, pulls out the collectors and the fans.

    Sadly, the winners are the staff and shop owners who snag the exclusives and sell them on ebay for unbelievable prices.

    While I’d like to have picked up the Sonic Youth splits and a couple other pieces, I’m not a collector; I’m a fan of the music, and don’t really care about the format I hear it on. I’ll be picking up the Breeders RSD EP on Tuesday from iTunes, and would LOVE to be able to snag the Matador items electronically as well.

  18. in all seriousness, the reason we and the bands did this was as a show of support for record stores, many of whom are having an awfully tough time these days. That’s why the singles & Pavement LP were meant to be exclusives (as opposed to also being available via mail order). The entire point of the exercise was to try and nudge a few of you into visiting a record store yesterday (and to those who already do so on a regular basis, you probably understand the sense of urgency).

    That said, aside from the whole supply/demand thing (as opposed to “bait and switch” — Matador Records has nothing to gain if you bought a ltd. edition Vetiver 7″ after coming up short on our stuff) we’re not happy to hear a minority of rec. store folk instantly snatched up the singles and put them on eBay. But it’s also a very difficult thing to police — we aren’t able to survey the manner in which our records are resold, sometimes for practical reasons and other times for legal reasons (there are only so many conditions we can apply before we’re restricting competitive trade).

    That’s not to say we don’t give a hoot, either. We regret the hassle and shall keep all of your suggestions in mind.

  19. got a colored copy at 1-2-3-4-GO! records in oakland. didnt even know about the colored edition till i got home and pulled out the LP!

  20. I’m listening to my Pavement live LP now… and I’m experiencing some skipping. Most noticeably during “Shady Lane” “And Then…” and “Transport Is Arranged.”

    Is anyone else experiencing this? My record player is about a half-year old (as well as the needle.) I don’t see any scratches, nor have I scratched the album. This is my first attempt to play the album.

    Am I needlessly panicking? Is it possible for skipping to occur in early stages of an LP’s life? I’ve played side 1 twice now and I’m a little concerned. Could the cut be close together?

    What should I do? Any information is appreciated. Thank you,


  21. Just wanted to say THANK YOU, Matador – we had a great Record Store Day and the Pavement live LP was our top seller this week!

    I’m sorry to hear that some shops may have taken advantage of the RSD exclusives to make a buck on eBay. That certainly defies all that Record Store Day is supposed to be about.

    We at Lakeshore Record Exchange in Rochester, NY, take Record Store Day seriously, and even refused phone orders on that day for RSD exclusives. The whole point was to get people to come to the store – which they did, and we had a great day!

  22. Reading over the responses and seeing the disappointed record shoppers out there bummed me out. I was lucky to score both singles and the Pavement Live lp at Criminal Records in Atlanta on Saturday. I got my ass outta bed Saturday morning and was sixth in line to enter the store. There were several folks behind me and the Matador stuff sold out quick.

    So, I happened to stop by Criminal today and noticed that they were selling their extra live Pavement lps that came with the pre-order of Brighten the Corners (purple cover). If you have a buddy in the ATL, give ’em a call and see if they will stop by and pick you up one (they had about six). Google the store–maybe they will ship one to you, but I doubt it…

    From personal experience, if you haunt record stores, thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, ebay, craigslist, etc., you can eventually find just about any record ever released. Prices may vary. It is part of the fun of record collecting–you never know what you are going to find when. Happy hunting!

  23. I’m saved!!! A good friend picked up an extra copy of the Live Pavement Lp at another indie store. Being half spanish I thought the label work was very clever! en Vivo y en Directo!!! Todos los derechos reservados todos los males al reves!!!! Edicion super especial, y ahora si lo es.

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