Matmos at The Kitchen (NYC), Princeton University


(Matmos and So Percussion at the Whitney, 2006, pic taken from maggiemoo1‘s flickr feed)

We were fortunate enough to receive the following communication from Matmos earlier this week ;

We (Matmos) are playing quite an unusual show this weekend in the extremely important city of New York at a venue called the Kitchen. We are playing with the So Percussion Quartet and the Princeton Laptop¬†Orchestra-at the same time…it’s really quite an extravaganza of sound, both timbre-wise and spacially. Fans of the Acousmonium take note, this sort of thing doesn’t happen often in the United States.

All the information you might need (except plane tickets and stuff, if you don’t live in New York) is here:


Thank you for reading my spam,
M.C. Schmidt
p.s. If you are REALLY in this for the spacial thing, we’re doing this evening again in Princeton itself (considered possibly more pleasant than New York by some) with 25 laptoppists! Count ’em TWENTY FIVE! A month later on May 16th. Princeton University’s Richardson Auditorium.