From East Side, Toronto, to East Side, World.

For many, the distant lands of Japan and China hold unknown promise, a land shrouded in heritage and mystique, streets paved with stalls holding mysterious foods and even more mysterious looking karaoke bars. Sadly such a far away land will never be visited by most – our recessionary times and fear of long haul flights confining us to our locality.

However, for one such group of 20-somethings, The East became a reality.  This week, Fucked Up returned from playing a string of dates across China and one in Japan.  Having survived turbulent seas, questionable cuisine and yet another dodgy bus trip, they made it home to Toronto.

China in 90 seconds, courtesy of Mustard Gas :


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For fully written up school reports of the trip, check out the varying writing styles and alternative interpretations at Looking For Gold, Voice Of Dissent and the recently born, No Guv No Luv.

The trip was also documented by one naive fan for Spin magazine. Survival story here: Fucked Up In China.