Respected Freeform Station To Risk FCC License With Condo Fucks Session

To commemorate next Tuesday’s release of the long-awaited Condo Fucks LP/CD, ‘Fuckbook’, the fearsome threesome of Kid Condo, Georgia Condo and James McNew have recorded a live set for Joe Belock’s “Three Chord Monte” program, to be aired that same day, March 24 between 12-3pm.  You can listen online at, or in the greater NYC area on 91.1 FM.

(preorder ‘Fuckbook’ on LP, CD from the Matador Store)

63 thoughts on “Respected Freeform Station To Risk FCC License With Condo Fucks Session”

  1. To the guys behind Fuck the Condo Fucks: Both Rich and Gerard were very polite and your responses to them and the whole Condo Fuck situation make you come off as the arrogant twits. The only thing that your ranting has proved is that you can’t take a joke. Yes, I get the idea. You guys are trying to get your name out there by starting shit with the Condo Fucks. Brilliant. The only problem is that in the mean time you are making our town look like a bunch of whiny bitches who can’t take a joke when in fact, it’s just you. Please do not speak on behalf of a town that neither of you even live in.

  2. @ Penny P, Taylor C. Jimmy F Gladstone and Robert. You’re all very, very late to the “party,” if those are your REAL names. Methinks you all protest to much……I bestow upon all of you the rating of epic failure and wah-wahs of the highest order.

  3. Seems ironic that Robert, Jimmy, Penny P, Taylor, etc. are attacking CP for not being “New London enough” in a blog post devoted to a fictional band that has no connection whatsoever to New London. I’m not sure if it’s ironic or just sad. One of the reasons I got involved with the New London scene was that it never seemed all that exclusive. Sucks to see the village “elders” closing ranks and shutting the gates.

  4. I’ve never lived in New London, but it’s my go-to for shows and art openings and I’ve always been made to feel welcome. My artwork has been in galleries and I’ve seen bands play big and small—the out-of-town acts leave impressed by the NL hospitality (with Rich making them lasagna and throwing them after-parties.)

    No one is disputing the wealth of New London’s creative culture—there’s impressive talent and a sense pride and ownership over place, but also a humble, inclusive attitude that is NL’s signature.

    Isn’t the community of artists and musicians in New London more supportive than this? What makes the NL scene great is it’s people—the sum is greater than it’s parts. Some of the comments on this blog make me think otherwise.

  5. Anyone who takes any of this seriously is an “epic fail”. The whole thing is a total goof. That is my “official statement”.

  6. Brava, Penny, you’ve demonstrated tremendous courage and intelligence here. I’d love nothing more than to spend all night in an all-out New London-cred battle royale, but I don’t know what to call you, so we’ll skip it.

    If living within the city limits is the criteria for being a New London band, than, I’m afraid you might be out some bands, my dear. Having residency be the standard of membership in the New London club eliminates just about every band that reps New London, including the flagships, Fatal Film and The Reducers, since some of their members *gasp* live in other zip codes.

    The one thing I can guarantee you, little miss Penny, is this: none of the Condo Fucks list New London as their home address, so, really, again, tremendous job by you for sticking up for the little guy and teaching us all how to take a joke.

    Whatever you may think of our little stunt, at least you know our names, which is more than we can say for you. Your indefatigable civic pride is a shining example to all of us.

    So, anyway, if you don’t mind my saying, you can go fuck yourself, too. Whoever you are.

    Matt Clark

  7. Fascinating turn of events- no one gets the joke and CP gets attacked by the people of the very city they were attempting to defend from mockery. Not the response they were anticipating I’m sure. I realize sharks eat their young but I thought New London had more couth, or at least a sense of humor. Guess not.

  8. The New London mockumentary that Matador had nothing to do with was mean-spirited. Apparently someone unaffiliated with the band or the label had this idea in the can for years, just waiting for Yo La Tengo to launch the Condo Fucks so that they could finally spring this one. I had really hoped this sort of “Swift Vote for Veterans” crap would end with Bush leaving the White House.

    It’s obvious to me that this record release was, for some reason, also intended as a smackdown. I decided to reserve my judgment, but my first reaction to all this was, “Why on Earth is Yo La Tengo peeing in my pool?” Now after hearing the condo fux clear the air on WCNI (no-show) I am fairly certain that my original intuition was correct, and I frankly couldn’t care less if they decide to go to a kickball game in Noank. I think they have made their point loud and clear.

    I would like to congratulate Conversion Party for finding a way to wag the dog. I thought it was all pretty damn funny. Mako is right–You guys got a raw deal from your compadres. This truly is a fine band, and I don’t give a rat’s ass if they were journalist-frat boys, any more than I care if my garbage man is a scientologist . . . He does a damn fine job of picking up the garbage. I don’t have to deal with the finer points of his philosophy unless they interfere with picking up the trash. By the same token, it doesn’t matter where whomever in New London at any given moment is originally from. Half the damn people in this blog (whom I could identify) are from surrounding towns. New London is just shorthand because it is also the name of the county. (Glad I could clear that up for you all.)

    Now I’m going to explain this to the rest of you once, ye trashers of fellow local music folk. Getting Matador’s attention is about as useless as getting the New London Day’s (local newspaper) attention. A record label is a round piece of sticky paper that you can affix to a CDR to identify it from all the bootlegged burns in your collection. Matador has nothing you can’t get by yourselves. It costs almost nothing to join ASCAP. You can make your records yourself (most indie Labels don’t even have their own studios anyway). You can do your cover art on the computer, you can get them mass-produced yourselves and will distribute literally anything that sells. So how do you sell it? It’s becoming more and more apparent that nobody knows how to market music better than the bands who make it. So pull a few stunts like the one that Clark and his boys pulled here and hope the tunes are good enough to keep the attention that they draw.

    The very word “Matador” smacks of cowardice–A man who ritually kills an animal he wouldn’t go near if it were allowed into the ring healthy and strong. Do you really want that on your record? I have more respect for rodeo clowns.

  9. This just in … the one member of Fatal Film who doesn’t live in NL (i.e. the one that isn’t real), our drummer Mike Winslow, may actually be moving to New London in April!!! We’ll finally be able to get those exclusive New London rock band ID cards we’ve been salivating for. Though, he and the lady are also considering downtown Mystic. Ooof. Horrible. Embarassing. So, we’re on a precipice here. We’re so close to getting that official, sought after title “New London rock band” that god knows every band on the planet wants to be able to flaunt, and he may go and screw it up. That drum machine is looking more and more attractive every day. Hoo hoo hee hee.

    Anyway, this whole exchange has been fun to watch much like a car crash is fun to watch. Keep it up! It can’t be dead yet! Let’s get some more anonymous New Londonites to vent their private frustrations on a frickin’ record label forum!

    Dave Freeburg

  10. i don’t think anything here was intended as a “smackdown”, and they didn’t prove any
    “point” by not calling into CNI… these notions are pure madness, in my opinion.
    and does my opinion count more because i actually DID grow up in new london? or maybe because i AM a product of their school system, yet was STILL able to see this for what it was worth?

    maybe not, but i do believe some of this has been taken WAY too seriously, and that’s NOT the new london i know. pardon my language, but anyone who’s really from new london doesn’t give a fuck. we were simply just bred that way.

    so lets take it easy, friends. after all, it’s just music. and who doesn’t love music? i do!
    the more, the merrier.

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