Christmas goose

A bit belated, but here is the goose I ate for Christmas. This is the James Beard recipe. The stuffing is hand-torn bread, two sweet Italian sausages, and Granny Smith apples.

The sausage meat is decanted from its casing, broken up, fried in butter until it’s dark brown and crispy. Finely chopped onions and apples are added, along with fresh thyme and nutmeg. Stuff the bird, cut its wingtips off, close the openings with toothpicks (as shown above) and roast on a rack in a deep pan at 400 degrees F for 1 hours, then down to 350 for 1 hours, and then at 325 for a final hour or whatever – details are in Beard On Food. That works for a 12-pound goose anyway.

Goose might be one of the most delicious things there is. It’s impossible to find fresh without preordering from a butcher. This one came from Ottomanelli on Bleecker Street. It delivers an enormous quantity of fat which can then be used to make incredible french fries or just about anything else. It stores well in the fridge for months. The final roast is not fatty in the slightest (unlike duck), if you care about such things.

Click on the image for a more detailed view.

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  1. As one of the eaters, I have to say this was among the top food experiences I\\\’ve had. Patrick neglects to say that the skin was served, cut into squares, as an hors d\\\’oeuvre. I\\\’m a connoisseur of hors d\\\’oeuvres and this was right up there with manna.

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