Exclusive : Mission Of Burma’s Privacy Invaded

The above snapshots come to us courtesy of Mark Kates. The embedded photojournalist was on the scene as Mission Of Burma began the laborious process of recording demos for what will be the band’s 4th studio album proper (we’re not counting ‘Signals’ or the Taang compendiums, thanks), tentatively scheduled for the latter portion of 2009.

9 thoughts on “Exclusive : Mission Of Burma’s Privacy Invaded”

  1. Yes!! A reason to carry on living – a new Burma LP!! Can’t wait! (also can’t wait to hear the demos when they’re leaked onto the Internet or when the reissue of this LP comes out in 2029 – j/k).

    Must have been a long day at work, huh, Clint?

  2. All work and no play makes Clint a very tired guy! I can\\\’t wait to hear the new material.

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