Pylon’s Randy Bewley, RIP

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported earlier today that Pylon guitarist/co-founder Randy Bewley (above, far right) passed away yesterday at the age of 53.

Bewley suffered a heart attack while driving in Athens, GA Monday evening.


Readers of a certain vintage (or perhaps just younger persons with good taste) will recall Bewley’s guitar work on songs like “Cool”, “Volume”,  and “Feast On My Heart” bridging whatever stylistic chasm separated Andy Gill from RIcky Wilson.   DFA’s 2007 reissue of Pylon’s 1980 debut LP, ‘Gyrate’ is a good place to start.

Our thoughts go out to Randy’s friends and family.

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  1. will not be pre-ordering through matador. don’t want another brighten the corners 3 month late debacle.

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