Matador Alumni Corner : The Wild World Of Kustomized

Not to be outdone by Merge’s recent Volcano Suns reissues, former Kustomized bassist Bob Moses has done an impressive job tying his old band’s history together with a new, posthumous site.  Perhaps the lesser known of Peter Prescott’s post-Mission Of Burma projects, Kustomized was once described by Rolling Stone’s Matt Diehl as “maintaining an almost savage drive…unafraid to wander into the bizarre areas outside rock convention.”   Though the same could be said of Bob Gamere jogging thru the Fenway, Mr. Diehl hit the nail on the head.  Kustomized were awesome and if you didn’t fully absorb their Matador titles at the time, you are a bad, bad person.

4 thoughts on “Matador Alumni Corner : The Wild World Of Kustomized”

  1. This is an amazing video…have never seen it and thank you so much for putting it out there…stunning…Gerard, you fucking rock dude…

  2. i love kustomized. i found the “day i had some fun” single at a record store store about a year ago. i picked it up strictly because it was on matador. pretty fantastic find.

  3. I rank seeing Kustomized at CBGBs as part of a Matador showcase as one of the best rock shows I’ve ever seen. This is either a testament to their greatness or a sign that I need to get out more.

  4. The Kustomized stuff is actually great…too bad it never got a little more popular…but it was pretty amazing…need more stuff like this today!

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