7 thoughts on “Southeastern Connecticut, So Much To Answer For”

  1. Best. Video. In. Matador. History. Ever.

    (I never listened to that Stones Throw album of early Connecticut hip-hop singles from a few years ago, were there any New Londoners on there?)

    I don’t know why I feel like Don Howland or Ron House should sit in with these cats sometime, probably I’m must old.

  2. i am peaking on mushrooms right now. man did you guys see delocated on [adult swim] ? aww man that shit was funny. i shouldn’t have put so much tobacco on those noodles. i’m kinda sweating now. i hope fucking roommate brings back some french fries or something. i think i’m gonna go pull some tubes. yeah i’m definitely gonna go pull some tubes. then i’m gonna eat one of those green apples i got @ vons the other day. man they are so fucking sweet. i still want those fries tho. god i wish i had some hashish right now. . .

  3. i’m not sure whether to laugh or vomit at this slideshow of all that is connecticut. props for the great video julian!

  4. Seems kinda whack for YLT to be taking a small piss on New London, CT – a town that has actual bands that deserve a mite better. No?


  5. Seems particularly lame for YLT to be claiming that NL is a backwater with no scene to speak of, when it’s not only had a vibrant and talented music scene for decades, but includes a radio station that’s always been really supportive of YLT and several bands (most notably the Reducers) who come from the same sensibility and level of talent as YLT do.

    I just don’t see the point in pretending that it’s a tiny town with no bands to speak of and no places for people to play. NL managed to find its own sound and its own scene, one as varied as Hoboken’s, without being across the river from NYC. Maybe they could pretend that there were no bands of note from Queens, or Minneapolis, or Chapel Hill next? Maybe they could claim to be the only band of note to emerge from the Dalton School?

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