Moore / Gustafsson East Coast Dates

(Sonic Youth’s) Thurston Moore and scandanavian saxophone demon Mats Gustafsson are playing the following shows together starting next week.  It’s a big enough deal as is, but when you add a Cambridge date featuring a reunion of The Sickness (trunk of the Groinoids/Flesh Missles/Kil Slug/Upsidedowncross/Adolf Satan family tree — eat my dust, Pete Frame!), you’ve got the makings of an historic event.

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  1. THe SICKNESS! dang….Big Daddy said Mongolid is back fronting the Groinoids backed by last years Kilslug, Larry has turned his back on Kilslug despite the dvd/cd reissue Taang was about to put out (the slick posters were presented!) and is going forward with his version of upsidedowncross, —At the Rehab show a couple weeks ago, Larry arrived 2 hours late minus promised seth putnam, a kid on bass, another stripped “drummer” who trashed his kick, and played Kilslug & UDC classics to a drum machine pre-installed program (as opposed to programmed drums). 2 1/2 hours of slop Friday night, tripping all night after at pass out records in bklyn and played another 2 + hours there the next day. Also, it was recently discovered that original bass player Cheese died about a year ago in a halfway house, unless, of course, I missed it on Brooklyn Vegan.

    Larry warned me that “family” was just like the Gossip Girls….

  2. ???????????????
    I have to ask,the SICKNESS? played at the middle east? Who were the members? The sickness..the ORIGINAL is not together as far as I know. And um,I know.

    I have to address Lifeless turning his back on Kilslug. I have it on damn good authority that he has not and they are planning to get into the studio soon. L.L. still has his other projects,but Kilslug is not dead. Couldn’t kill it if ya tried!
    Groinoids are doing a reunion show with the Kilslug line up as it is now. Can’t get all the original members together for various reasons. MONGE will sing and that’s good enough for this fan.

    Any info on this sickness deal..please post??

  3. from what i understand a different sickness.anyone go to that show? the groinoids are only doing 2 or 3 20 year reunion shows to promote a new release and kilslug is working on a new album then more shows.

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