Matador’s Sordid Spectacular History Continued : The Mysteries Of U-MV170 Pt. III

The promotional video for The Unsane’s “Body Bomb” from the album ‘Total Destruction’ seemed, at the time, like a rather pricey (ie.  more than $10) way of making a clip guaranteed to receive zero MTV play, the fine efforts of Chris, Pete, Vinnie and director Richard Kern aside. 


History, however, has a funny way of sorting things out.  Thanks to the patronage of Mike Judge’s Beavis & Butthead, the “Body Bomb” video ended up being seen by a wider audience than the occasionally “120 Minutes” spin might’ve garnered. And more importantly, the clip’s explosive subject matter guaranteed the star turn from Cop Shoot Cop’s  Jack Natz would forever place Kern’s former Black Snakes bandmate on a Do Not Fly list.

5 thoughts on “Matador’s Sordid Spectacular History Continued : The Mysteries Of U-MV170 Pt. III”

  1. we’re not too hung up on genre, R.H. We signed the Unsane cuz we liked the songs and liked them, had followed them for ages….and their being a “noise” band never entered the equation. I don’t think we’ll be signing a band like the Unsane simply because we already worked with the real article. But that’s not to say we might not end up working with someone else you or others consider to be kinda noisy.

  2. Yay to the personal taste and boo the pigeonholing attempts! I’m not trying to blame Matador for the lack of diversity in the roster (hell, that’d be uber-unfair!), but I represent the demand (Is this significant? You decide) on certain ethos associated with certain genres. Richard Kern is still surprisingly good, but I doubt he’s gonna direct the no-wave video for Times New Viking.

  3. i think there’s a fair bit of diversity in the current roster, though diversity in and of itself doesn’t guarantee quality.

    indeed, there are no plans to commission a Richard Kern video for Times New Viking. But they’re of their own era (if not their own genre). Maybe someone will wanna know in 20 years how come we’re not putting out anything similar to TNV. Let’s check back and find out.


  4. I’d love to see Unsane’s stuff reissued at some point. What are the chances? Same goes for TFUL282

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