Contest: Design Artwork For Belle And Sebastian

From the first time your cool older sister brought home a copy of If You’re Feeling Sinister during Winter break from Haverford, you have wanted to design artwork for a Belle And Sebastian album.

You’ve worked hard at it… Aping that monochromatic vibe for mixtapes…. Copped the twee girl clutching some Kafka on flyers for your weekly DJ night…. you work hard.  You’re never lazy about it.

And now is not the time to let the laziness set in.

We are giving you the once in a lifetime chance to design the front cover image for a limited edition of The BBC Sessions that will be sold in stores nationwide.  That’s right, an actual commercial edition of a Belle album (in nostalgic compact disc format) will feature your creative work if the band so deems it worthy.

The full details and future entries will be available on the official contest page.

Get to work!

UPDATE:  The music will be the exact same.  Only the cover image will change in the packaging.

6 thoughts on “Contest: Design Artwork For Belle And Sebastian”

  1. does this mean that i should hold off buying the bbc sessions cd that seems to be available now? will there be something different other than artwork?

  2. the band is checking out and determing the winner. sometime next week.

    as for buying it, it will take us a while to print these up and get them out there. we’ll let you know, but probably late Spring.

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