Pre-Piper Pink Floyd

I consider myself a pretty hardcore Syd Barrett fan, but I was astounded to find that high-quality demos of pre-Piper at the Gates of Dawn material exist — from 1965, no less. The above slideshow is more or less irrelevant but the song, “Lucy Leave,” is fantastic. It features fifth Floyd member Bob Klose, who is responsible for the twangy guitar bits. It’s no Dog Police, but it’s still worth your time.

3 thoughts on “Pre-Piper Pink Floyd”

  1. It’s not too hard to find “Lucy Leave” and “King Bee” out there on the internets. They are great and it’s just confounding that this stuff has never been mined for legit release.

  2. Finding it hard to believe a “pretty hardcore Syd Barrett fan” in 2008 is just getting around to this stuff. Jesus. What’s next? A posting about Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers (a recently unearthed reggae rarity)?

    q: which matador artist features the dog police lp prominently in their own artwork?

    a:obviously earles and jensen. but some one should CALL the dog police on the guys in the jay retard band. Targeting the chubby-chaser demo is commendable but there’s limits.

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