Leg of lamb

Entertained last night and made a whole leg of lamb, pretty much completely according to this recipe. I marinated in a tightly sealed plastic bag containing a mixture of orange juice, Riesling, rosemary from the garden, thyme from the supermarket, garlic, olive oil and black pepper. This sat in the fridge for 5 hours before slowly coming back to room temperature and getting rubbed all over with kosher salt and pepper. The cooking process departed from Simply Recipes’ recommendation, however – 20 minutes at 425 and an hour at 300 only got the thermometer to 105, even with the leg roasting directly on the oven rack. I raised the heat back to 425 and did another 30 minutes and only just got it out in time. Different parts of the leg measure quite differently on the instant-read thermometer. Most of the leg was on the verge of going from medium rare to medium. I’d have preferred some parts more rare, but it tasted exquisite, juicy and fully shot through with all the flavors of the marinade. My first leg of lamb, and a success.

The leg came from Ottomanelli. The butcher took out the front part of the bone to aid the carving, leaving the back part in, for the flavor. He also left a good amount of fat on top to melt into the meat. Below is a picture of marinated leg prior to going in the oven.

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  1. What weight was it? 425F strikes me a bit on the high side and 300F on the low – I’d have cooked a 1kg joint at around 180C/350F for 90 mins to 2hrs depending on how well done I wanted it. Glad it worked out! Roast lamb is a lovely meal to serve to company, esp at this time of year.
    Dry meal was it, yeah?

  2. 6-8 pounds – yeah, check out the linked recipe, the high/low is a strategy to get a sear and then ensure not overcooking.

    Wines were two bottles of a 1999 Beaune Greves 1er Cru ‘Vignes de l’Enfant Jesus’ from Bouchard Pere et Fils, followed by a 1989 RomanĂ©e St-Vivant from Domaine Leroy.

    Dessert was an epoisses served with a 1986 Barsac from Leirac.

  3. Can’t access that link right now, but I wondered if that was what you were trying to do.

    Brought epoisses to my parents’ home one holiday and was banned from doing so again forever more owing to my mother’s distress at its pungency.

    Hope the wines were as divine as their names suggest. Just the thought of what the Domaine Leroy might have been like is making me sigh.

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