Matador take over Manchester next Wednesday

Residents of the north, why go to one Matador-related show on Wednesday 19th November when you can go to two?

For one night only, you can see both Fucked Up and Jay Reatard playing in completely separate venues in the beautiful city of Manchester. But never fear dear Northerners, you don’t have to choose one show over the other (which would be as cruel as making you choose between Man City and Man United, I’m sure).

Fucked Up play the Roadhouse at 8pm (there’s a 9pm curfew; it’s an all-ages show) whilst Jay Reatard and company head up the Deaf Institute (oh, the irony) at midnight. There’s even enough time to fit in a Reggae Reggae Chicken Subway between shows. Anyone would have thought we’d planned it.

So in a nutshell, your Wednesday night should look something like this:
8pm-9pm – watch Fucked Up @ The Roadhouse
9.05pm – High-five/back-slap/shake hands with Fucked Up
10pm (approximately) – eat Reggae Reggae Chicken Subway
10.30pm – watch Lovvers @ Deaf Institute
12 midnight – watch Jay Reatard @ Deaf Institute