Matador artifacts, part one

Here is part one of an occasional series on Matador artifacts from our history. The Matador Profiles ad series (recently resurrected) ripped off the Creem Profiles ads from the 1970s, which in turn ripped off the Dewars Profiles ads from that period and earlier. Click on the image for a legible version.

Here you can see the ultra-suave Michael Cudahy, singer and main songwriter in Boston’s Christmas, whose album Vortex we released in 1993 (by which time the band had relocated to Las Vegas). Later he was in Combustible Edison, over whom we will politely draw a curtain. He also nearly beat Jeopardy contestant Ken Jennings, the 17-show champ, on June 25, 2004. In the early 1980s he helped start the legendary artist-owned label Propeller Records, which released important records by the Dangerous Birds, V;, the Neats, Art Yard, CCCP-TV and many others. (Sadly the Propeller masters were all destroyed in a disastrous fire at Cudahy’s house in Allston many years ago, so HA HA there will be no digital reissues.)

6 thoughts on “Matador artifacts, part one”

  1. this is good and all but when do we send an intern out to deep storage to take some photos of the Accutron 2000?

  2. actually, by ’93 Christmas’ Vegas adventures had come to a close and the band was Rhode Island based. ‘Vortex’ wasn’t officially a posthumous release but it was awfully close.

    another factoid : ‘Vortex’ marked the first Matador recordings appearance of James McNew, beating Yo La Tengo’s ‘Painful’ by just a couple of months.

  3. Good/bad memories seeing that for sure. Even at the time I was like man, it’s tough to convince people of the near-genius of Christmas, not that, uh… either of their two previous albums made it as obvious as ** it could have been ** (I believe).

    What the hell was in Vegas anyway, Siegfried and Roy?

    Speaking of James, there’s a very funny, deadpan Dump reference in Jonathan Lethem’s “Fortress of Solitude.” (I reckon this has been mentioned already but I only noticed it recently.)

  4. Damn…I wore out my propeller cassette years ago and I’ve been trolling for a reissue everywhere. Gerard, there has to be a way!

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