Earles and Jensen + Manhattan Meateater are proud to announce the return of ROCK AND BTW!!!

If there’s one thing that my friends won’t shut up about, it’s Bob Zany’s recent string of music video cameos. Seems each time I find a new underground favorite, they find Zany or Zany finds them. I don’t care about logistics; I just want it to happen forever. It’s funny stuff – I spit my Yagerbomb across the room each time he popped up as a different character in that Deerhunter video – but I prefer seeing the man up close and in person. Don’t expect him to come out as the fat-suited, effeminate but asexual creep-a-thon that he played in the Ponytail video, this is Zany as Zany, giving a verbal middle finger to the Bush administration, slicing and dicing mainstream rock bands, making fun of fat corporate culture, and if we keep our fingers crossed, his untouchable Facebook routine.

Since that dark day in March of 2003, only one comic on the face of the planet has had the proverbial balls (sorry, Margaret!! you know what I mean!) to speak out against the War in Iraq, and her inclusion in this lineup is what we meant up there by “very special.” Currently banned from performing in 43 states (not NY, we’re not a bunch of close-minded hillbillies, duh!), Margaret’s notorious, eye-opening bits are packed with incendiary political and social observations that run the full spectrum of things you might infrequently think, but would never say out loud.

That’s why we have Margaret Smith. From women’s rights to abortion issues to The War to racism to the hypocritical right wing bozos and everything in between, Smith’s has been known to lob comedy Molotov cocktails like the idea that the War was started to protect the oil interests of the Bush administration, that the news media (ESPECIALLY FOX NEWS) might actually be rigged to deliver misinformation to the public, and the decision to name a street after Ronald Reagan and not Noam Chomsky. A note: If an audience appears to be agreeing with (and occasionally laughing at, but these are no laughing matters) the routine, Smith has been known to dip into material from her legendary CD, Someone Disconnect The Battery Of The War Bulldozer Before It Drives Into My Vagina. The album is extremely rare, as no label expressed interest (they expressed FEAR!) in releasing it and Margaret’s limited efforts of self-distribution were thwarted when stores refused to stock what will perhaps one day be regarded as a trailblazing masterpiece. Fuck President Bush!! (sorry….just got a little worked up!)

Brett Butler has little use for our politically correct times. Having raised eyebrows with a evenings comprised entirely of racial epithets, names of bodily functions/fluids, the names of socially alienating diseases repeated ad infinitum, and crushing celebrity insults with little structure, her nervy routine has developed into one devoid of actual jokes or extraneous dialogue that doesn’t fit into the aforementioned categories. Her new book, 1,000 Uses For The Word “Dego” was just published by Feral House and is available at your favorite book or clothing store’s Books-For-People-That-Don’t-Read kiosk.

Taylor Negron’s nonsensical quips usually hang in the air for a few seconds before the audience catches up. Once they respond with riotous laughter, it proves what we expected all along: We comedy enthusiasts don’t settle for comedians that simply craft and labor over jokes before unleashing them to the public. Nope, these audiences like to be beaten over the head with quirkiness.

……and what would the night be without the ‘Rock’ portion?  The absence of Rock and BTW has added some booking heft to its return, and we were able to nab some great acts that happened to be touring through NYC at the time. Try to stay seated after reading this lineup: The Black Lips, Daisy Chainsaw, Ponytail, The Iowa Beef Experience, Violent Bullshit, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Mexican Eighty-To-An-Apartment (hey, it’s cool, this dance-y post-punk unit is fronted by two Latino cousins) and Bathtub Shitter will perform in between the comedy sets.