Bob Welch in-store performance at Eat Records tomorrow!!

Bob Welch
Bob Welch

Brooklyn’s Eat Records will host former Fleetwood Mac guitarist/songwriter and chart-topping solo artist Bob Welch tomorrow afternoon (Nov. 1st) as he reads from his recently-published autobiography Blood on the Wicker: Bob Welch on Bob Welch. He will also perform covers of the rerecordings of “Sentimental Lady” and “Ebony Eyes.” Things will kick off promptly at noon.

2 thoughts on “Bob Welch in-store performance at Eat Records tomorrow!!”

  1. Great to hear Bob’s going to be playing tomorrow. I will definitely be there. I haven’t seen Bob in years. I’ll bring my bass. Hey Bob… if you’re reading this, I still know the parts to “Pale Horse, Pale Rider”, “Slave Trader” and “Red Rain” (hint hint). Patricia and I can’t wait to see you after all of these years. Please get in touch- I don’t have any current info for you ([email protected])!!!


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