Sonic Youth’s July 4 Battery Park Show – Now Streaming via

You might recall a couple of months ago someone on this blog engaged in the distasteful practice of lording it over the rest of you just how terrific Sonic Youth’s 4th of July show was. This was exactly the sort of elitism and hatred of real america we’ve heard so much about over the past several days, and I can’t for the life of me understand why this blog doesn’t have a proper editor to put a halt to such things. 

Fortunately, Jersey City’s WFMU, a free form, listener supporter broadcaster staffed by genuine salt-of-the-earth types (plumbers, hockey moms, jai alai dads, xtreme motocross uncles), have made the entire set available for on-demand enjoyment in streaming form.   The set list was as follows (culled from WFMU’s Beware of  The Blog) : 

WFMU Intro / She Is Not Alone / Bull in the Heather / Silver Rocket / Skip Tracer / The Sprawl / The World Looks Red / Jams Run Free / Hey Joni / Cross the Breeze / The Wonder / Hypertstation / Drunken Butterfly / Making the Nature Scene / Pink Steam / Schizophrenia / 100%.