Buy Early Get Now #6: Pavement — Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed.

Ho ho ho… just in time for the holidays, we’re announcing our sixth Buy Early Get Now. This one is for the deluxe, super-expanded edition of Pavement’s fourth album, Brighten The Corners, subtitled Nicene Creedence Ed.. The track listing has changed subtly since we first announced it, so once you’ve signed up to BEGN, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the new and final contents. The album is still scheduled for November 18 December 9 release.

If you’re not familiar with Buy Early Get Now, the premise is simple: preorder the premium-priced Buy Early Get Now version of the album now from us or from a participating retailer, receive your login at via email (can take 24-48 hours, especially over the weekend) — and you’ll get:

– Oct 10: an instant stream of the album
– Oct 21: bonus track #1
– Nov 4: bonus track #2
– Nov 18 – street date – pick up the album at your store (or get it in the mail) PLUS an exclusive vinyl bonus LP containing an unreleased concert, AS WELL AS a free poster

The vinyl LP is the long-lost Pavement Live, originally scheduled for release in July 1998 and given the Matador catalog number OLE-324 and the Capitol catalog number 95425. Note: Live was originally scheduled to be released on both vinyl and CD, but it will now ONLY be available on vinyl and ONLY available to BEGN #6 customers. For the avoidance of doubt, Brighten itself will only come out on CD and digital album.

Because it will be difficult for us to manufacture just the right amount of bonus LPs, we reserve the right (a) to close BEGN in the few weeks before street date, or (b) ship participants who sign up late their package late. So get your order in as soon as possible so we can make sure you’re taken care of on street date.

Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed. is a double CD set in a die-cut, embossed slipcase with a thick, 62-page perfect-bound book, like the earlier three Pavement deluxe editions. It contains the fully remastered original album, plus B-sides, compilation tracks, studio outtakes and radio sessions. The new sequence is below — note that it now contains 20 UNRELEASED TRACKS of which 8 ARE UNRELEASED SONGS.

Disc One:

1. Stereo
2. Shady Lane / J Vs. S
3. Transport Is Arranged
4. Date w/ IKEA
5. Old to Begin
6. Type Slowly
7. Embassy Row
8. Blue Hawaiian
9. We Are Underused
10. Passat Dream
11. Starlings of the Slipstream
12. Fin
The original BTC album, remastered. Originally released February, 1997.

* 13. Then (The Hexx)
Originally released as the B-side to Spit On A Stranger (OLE-384-7), May, 1999 — but presented here is the unedited full version, as such previously unreleased. It was also originally planned to be the opening track to BTC

• 14. Beautiful as a Butterfly
• 15. Cataracts
Both are unreleased songs. BTC session outtakes.

16. Westie Can Drum
17. Winner of the
* 18. Birds in the Majic Industry
Originally released as B-sides to the promo EP Stereo (OLE-238-2P), January 1997. “Birds…” appears here in its previously unreleased full length vocal version. The original release was an instrumental edited version.

19. Harness Your Hopes
20. Roll with the Wind
Originally released as B-sides to Spit On A Stranger (OLE-384-2), the first single from Pavement’s final album, Terror Twilight. They are included here since both songs (as well as track 13) were recorded and mixed during the BTC sssions in 1996.

Disc Two:

1. Slowly Typed
2. Cherry Area
3. Wanna Mess You Around
4. No Tan Lines
Originally released as the B-sides to Shady Lane (OLE-266-2), June 1997.

* 5. Then (The Hexx)
* 6. Harness Your Hopes
7. The Killing Moon
* 8. Winner of the
BBC Radio One Evening Session, January 15, 1997. Tracks 5, 6 and 8 are previously unreleased. “The Killing Moon” appeared on the compilation album What’s Up Matador (OLE-163-2), August 1997. It later also appeared on Major Leagues (OLE-398-2), October 1999.

• 9. Embassy Row Psych Intro
Previously unreleased intro. BTC session outtake.

• 10. Nigel
Previously unreleased song. BTC session outtake.

* 11. Chevy (Old to Begin)
* 12. Roll with the Wind (Roxy)
Previously unreleased mixes of BTC session songs. They feature different vocals and overdubs.

13. Oddity (Clean cover)
Originally appeared on God Save The Clean: A Tribute to the Clean, Flying Nun Records (FNCD409), 1997.

14. Type Slowly (live)
Originally appeared on the compilation album Tibetan Freedom Concert, Grand Royal/Capitol (59110), 1997.

• 15. Neil Hagerty Meets Jon Spencer in a Non-Alcoholic Bar
• 16. Destroy Mater Dei
* 17. It’s A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl (Faust cover)
* 18. Maybe Maybe
Recorded live at KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic, February 25, 1997. Tracks 15 and 16 are previously unreleased songs.

* 19. Date w/ IKEA
* 20. Fin
* 21. Grave Architecture
22. The Classical (The Fall cover)
BBC Radio One John Peel Live Session, August 21, 1997. Tracks 19-21 previously unreleased vresions. “The Classical” appeared on Major Leagues (OL-398-2), October, 1999.

• 23. Space Ghost Theme I
• 24. Space Ghost Theme II
Both are unreleased songs recorded live in the WFNX studios (but not broadcast), Boston, February 12, 1997.

The above track listing contains significant differences from the one previously announced. Like the previous three deluxe Pavement editions, this compilation was curated by Jesper Eklow working with the band.

Buy Early Get Now is easy!

1. Preorder the album from us or from a participating retailer (see list at bottom — and ask your local record store, because more will be signing up).

2. You will be emailed a login and password for (please allow 24-48 hours, possibly more over weekends)

3. Instant stream of album will be live on on October 10; get bonus tracks #1 and #2 on October 15 and October 21 respectively

4. On November 18, street date, pick up the double CD plus the bonus vinyl LP and a free poster at the store where you preordered it (or get it mailed to you if you ordered from us or a participating mail order customer)

Remember, the vinyl LP will only be available through Buy Early Get Now, and we will manufacturing to order. That means you should get your order in ASAP to ensure you get yours and get it on time.

The first MP3 will be coming very shortly as part of our digital zipfile promo compilation, Intended Play: Fall 2008. Keep your eyes on the Matablog.

Finally, here is the list of confirmed participating retailers… more to come, and you can just click locations on the map on to find the nearest one to you:

1-2-3-4 Go! Records – Oakland, CA –
Aboveground Records – Edgarton, MA –
Atomic Records – Milwaukee, WI –
Aural Exploits – Santa Monica, CA –
Bull City Records – Durham, NC –
Criminal Records – Atlanta, GA –
Disconnected Records – San Diego, CA –
Ear Candy Music – Missoula, MT –
East Coast Music & Video – Greenville, NC –
End Of An Ear – Austin, TX –
Exiled Records – Portland, OR –
Good Records – Dallas, TX –
Grimey’s New & Preloved Music – Nashville, TN –
Guestroom Records – Norman, OK –
Hard Boiled – Chicago, IL –
Insound – New York, NY –
Jackpot Records – Portland, OR –
Landlocked – Bloomington, IN –
Laurie’s Planet of Sound – Chicago, IL –
Lou’s Records – Encinitas, CA –
LUNA Music – Indianapolis, IN –
Lunchbox Records – Charlotte, NC –
Madcity Music – Madison, WI –
Mod Lang- El Cerrito, CA –
M-Theory – San Diego, CA –
Music Saves – Cleveland, OH –
Parasol – Urbana, IL –
Park Ave. – Orlando, FL –
Permanent Records – Chicago, IL –
Siren Records – Doylestown, PA –
Sound Fix – Brooklyn, NY –
Square Records – Akron, OH –
Tonevendor – Gainesville, FL –
Treehouse Records – Minneapolis, MN –
Twist & Shout – Denver, CO –
Vintage Vinyl – St. Louis, MO –
Von’s Records – West Lafayette, IN –
Waiting Room Records – Normal, IL –
Waterloo Records – Austin, TX –
Wazoo Records – Ann Arbor, MI –
Young Ones – Kutztown, PA –
Zzz Records – Des Moines, IA –

44 thoughts on “Buy Early Get Now #6: Pavement — Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed.”

  1. do you have to pay shipping if you’re going to pick up at a local store? i only see an option to pay one of the shipping options and no pick up at store option under shipping options.

  2. My memory is really hazy on the specifics, but I think “For Sale the Preston School of Industry” was actually from a Terror twilight session/single. At least that’s what came to mind when I saw the previous tracklisting for the BtC reissue.

  3. ‘For Sale!’ Nooo come back! Don’t make us wait 2 more years for the Terror Twilight re-issue for that awesome track!

  4. Meesa hopin\\\’ theysa includen da Velvet Underground cover deesa deed for da KCRW Morning Becomes Electric, “What Goes On.” Maxi big ees da Force!

  5. Holy crap. My tape copy of that KCRW set — one of the most hilarious radio sessions I’ve ever heard — died back in 1999. Thanks for making that live disc happen.

  6. I’d like to buy this edition but I’m from Belgium. I’v seen there’s no shipping out America. How can I do ?

  7. For Sale: The Preston School of Industry is owned by Dutch station VPRO and they wanted an obscene amount of money for it. We jointly decided with the band that it just didn’t make sense. Sorry guys.

    PICKING UP YOUR COPY: Yes, you do this by preordering AT your local store, not the Matador webstore preorder page. Go to one of the stores on the list above, or ask / urge your local store to participate (tell them they can do it either via Matador Direct or via ADA).

  8. Ehhh … I don’t get it. Do i have to live near a participating store to pick up a copy? Don’t you ship to Israel?

    I ordered the Wowee Zowee deluxe edition with the poster and the vinyl EP, which was sweet and you shipped it to Israel. Why not this time?

  9. I know it must take alot of time to process passwords for all of the BEGN customers, but I pre-ordered this delux album last friday and STILL haven’t gotten my BEGN password. What’s going on?

  10. Hey Ryan,
    Thanks for taking part in BEGN!
    As it says on the store page it takes us about 1-2 business days to process orders and to send people their passwords. Since we were closed over the weekend and for Columbus Day, we’re getting around to putting in Friday (and the weekend’s) orders today.
    Thanks for your patience! Hope you enjoy this BEGN, we’re really excited about it.

  11. I want FS:PSOI!!! Yes, I got $ on the fundraiser! The
    fun raiser! We put that on t-shirts or something and put DUTCH! DUTCH! DUTCH! on the back something.

  12. Anyone who hasn’t gotten a password yet, if you’ve ever ordered a BEGN package before (like Real Emotional Trash), it is the same password. Try it.

  13. Ahh man I’m so bummed about preston school of industry not being on the reissue, I was so looking forward to finally having an mp3 of that. Poo. 🙁

  14. Hey about the password- if you’ve taken part in BEGN before you’ll ultimately have both items in your account (same password) but the Pavement promotion doesn’t show up until your order is added to the system. This occurs in the same step that all new orders are added and emails with passwords are sent out.

    Hope you’re enjoying the stream! Please email [email protected] if you have any trouble

  15. Any chance of getting a .mp3 .zip download of the live LP (like you did with the live sets for Wowee Zowee and Real Emotional Trash)? I don’t have a phonograph.

  16. Is BEGN available to Europe ? the web still indicates only taking orders from US & Canadia…just wondering if the live bonus LP is being made available in Europe.

  17. Hey everyone just to field some of your questions….
    1) Please send an email to [email protected] if you haven’t gotten your password and it’s been a few days. All orders have been entered but sometimes the notification gets sent to peoples’ junk mail. Let me know
    2) Multiple orders from abroad are accepted and welcome
    3) As of now there are no plans to offer the live set digitally- it’s just an extra little physical memento and special record for those that buy early.

    Thanks let me know if you have any further questions.
    [email protected]

  18. Are there any Canadian stores participating in this Buy Early Get Now? I went to the BEGN site and all the map showed was US stores. I’ll get this release regardless, but I would save money because of shipping and the exchange rate if I bought it from a Canadian store. Please let me know if this promotion is available through a Canadian retailer.

  19. Matt – Grooves in London, ON has the BEGN for BTC.

    Also – when is the first exclusive download going to be available? I thought it was today.

  20. Hi, i’m from Luxembourg (Europe) Can I participate to Buy Early Get Now action too? When I order from the Madatos store, do you ship to Luxembourg? I just want to be sure to avoid problems.

  21. Will there be a 10th anniversary, deluxe reissue of Slanted and Enchanted: Luxe and Redux released in 2012?

  22. Yeah, when are they shipping. Would like to know, asthe only thing stopping me from buying it is I’ve already ordered it through the mail. What’s the story?

  23. Hi guys – packages have all shipped, there might be a holdup with the holiday mail, but they should be arriving very soon!

  24. Has anyone else not yet received their CD, LP and poster? I got the stream and free downloads fine after signing up, but not the real good stuff yet. My credit card was charged on 12/16, so wondering what’s up.

  25. Paul! Send me an email and I’ll take care of it.. Media Mail has been a disaster for some people over the holidays. Talk to you soon -Dean

  26. If I don’t get it sometime this coming week, then I’d prefer to cancel my order, have my card refunded, and buy it in the damn store, even though I was looking forward to the LP. The CD’s been out in stores for over a month now already, and I still don’t have it!

    Had I known this was going to happen I would’ve never signed up for this. Very disappointing, even if it is USPS’s fault.

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