Hardcore & More at Dynamite Records – Northampton, Mass

Michael and I did a duo show a week or so ago in Northampton and I used this as as an opportunity to resume my record store interviews. We hit up Dynamite Records in Northampton, which had moved to my surprise, but we tracked them down.

I spoke to Lane and Willis.

Jennifer, Lane, Willis
Jennifer, Lane, Willis

JO’C: How long have you worked here?

Lane: 3 months

JO’C: What did you have for lunch?

Lane: Burger King Double Cheese Burger!

JO’C: What’s the last great show you went to?

Lane: Western Mass Hardcore Fest in Amherst

JO’C: What’s the best record you’ve come across lately?

Lane: Street Dogs – State of Grace

JO’C – Did you get it here at Dynamite?

Lane: Yeah

Willis: You really got it from me!

Lane: Well, yeah, but that’s through here.

JO’C: Ok. If you could meet any musician or band, dead or alive, who would it be?

Lane: Talib Kweli

Willis: Joe Strummer

JO’C: Anything else we should know about Dynamite?

Willis: We are the best record store in the Valley.

JO’C: Ok, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

This did seem like a pretty cool store, though it seemed like they had considerably less stock than in their previous location, but I think they are still in the process of moving. Lots of vinyl – reasonably priced.

Look out for many more record store interviews in the coming weeks as we are about to head out for over a month. Feel free to check out the tour schedule and send along your recommendations!


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