Fucked Up to play free 12-hour show in NYC, Tues Oct 14

To celebrate the release of The Chemistry Of Common Life, in stores this coming Tuesday, Fucked Up will be playing live for twelve hours straight at a storefront in New York City THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY.

On Tuesday, October 14, from 2PM until 2 AM, the band will be playing a twelve-hour show at the Rogan store at the corner of Bowery and Bond. Admission is free. All ages are welcome to attend, though the free alcohol will be limited to those 21 and over. Additionally, a free limited-edition 7″ of “Royal Swan” will be given away to the first batch of attendees, with a second allotment given away at a later time in the show to be announced.

Special guests will be joining the band on stage to help them through this marathon, including the Vivian Girls, John Joseph, Matt Sweeney, Chain Gang, Mobb Deep, Ryan Sawyer from Tall Firs, Jeff Jensen, David Cross, John Cale, K-Taro, Chris Doherty, E.K., DJ Chris, DJ Anarki, Michael Gira, members of the Australian Scapa Flow, Jeanne Bovet, Gods & Queens, Akon, The Edge, Ben Blackwell, Russell Simins, the Boogie, and some megastars we can’t announce yet.

Seen below is the cover to the limited-edition 7″. Good luck.

The lyrics as well as a download of an alternate version of “Royal Swan” can be found here.

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7 thoughts on “Fucked Up to play free 12-hour show in NYC, Tues Oct 14”

  1. Prodigy from Mobb Deep is still in jail on gun charges– maybe almost-Matador alum Ill Bill can do it? He’s got a new (mostly awful, rap-metal) album to promote too.

  2. Matador should send copies of that Royal Swan 7″ out with the preorders of Chemistry of Common Life since they’re going to be late. Just saying…

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