Lavender Diamond’s Becky Stark – Live In NYC, Tonight & Tomorrow

Lavender Diamond’s Becky Stark sent us the following message over the weekend. In the interests of preserving her own aesthetic (ie. I’m too lazy to rewrite anything), here’s her invitation to a pair of Manhattan performances, tonight and tomorrow :

the first night is this monday the 15th at the cake shop-
at 8 pm-
i’ll be singing with olivia mori and with harper simon on guitar-
some new love songs to the earth ( and some old ones too but i promise you they will be pretty!)

and then on tuesday night we’re playing again at joe’s pub-
at 9:30 pm-

both nights also are playing the human highway and harper simon’s band-
it will be a very beautiful pair of nights!
and only more and more beautiful when you come! to our show!

ok – so –

Monday, September 15
The Cake Shop
8 pm
152 Ludlow Street nyc 10002
costs eight dollars!

Tuesday, September 16
Joe’s Pub
9:30 pm
425 Lafayette Street nyc 10003
costs fifteen dollars!