Alumni Corner : Bailter Space Return To The Stage

Longtime Matador associates and NZ transplants Bailter Space aka bailterspace, will be playing Manhattan’s Bowery Ballroom on August 23. Though they’ve got no shortage of contemporary material to drop on your lovely head, persons familiar with the band’s back catalog might get to hear this :


Or maybe not. They’re musicians, not a jukebox, darn it.

6 thoughts on “Alumni Corner : Bailter Space Return To The Stage”

  1. Speaking of… one of my favorite Matador artists of yore, 18th Dye, quietly reformed to play the Roskilde Festival this year and now I’ve found out that they’ve released an album called Amorine Queen.

    Has anyone heard it?

  2. A New Zealand drummer wearing a backwards baseball cap? He must have copped that from… Tony from Railroad Jerk? I think I have that right. Forgive me if I am misremembering but that and Matador Alumni got me thinking.

    Also, with all the ATP stuff in recent years has anyone reached out to the Bird Nest Roys?

  3. Chris Spencer of the Unsane was a rather big champion of the backwards baseball hat. Come to think of it, back in the early to mid go go ’90’s, it was not the most uncommon look. Even onstage.

  4. Unsane, that’s it, and not Matador but at least one of the guys in Surgery; you’re right it wasn’t an uncommon look then among those unafraid to show some sports allegiance.

    Referencing myself, I know, but I had no idea this existed, in any quality (this is rather low). Bird Nest Roys, c. 1984–

    The guy’s same Chills clip is 1983 is even more insane, if less unexpected–

    I like the Dead C a lot, especially when they rock but in their move towards mere (sorry) noise/improv, and the breakup/retirement of other bands, kids might not realize how hot NZ guitar rock could be (David Kilgour jangling is swell but…), so the Bailter reunion is GOOD NEWS here.

    PS: Is it still OK to scorn Mayo Thompson for “Brave Words”? There’s no way the Chills sounded like that.

  5. i beg to differ — there’s plenty of kids (well, people under 30, anyway) who seem remarkably well versed these days in how hot NZ guitar rock is/was/shall be, etc. more than anytime in recent memory…

    i cannot think of a band more ROCK the the Dead C. Though Darling Cruel came very close.

  6. Fair enough– your’re in touch with more young(er) bands than I am + it’s true the # of hardcore U.S. Flying Nun in the 1980s wasn’t… many. I guess I was thinking, well, there’s no clamoring, it seems, to reissue some of those records and Graeme Downes is likely among the most obscure Matador alumni ever, etc. (That was not my favorite of his records but much credit to Matador for putting it out.)

    Downes to Yates to Russell to ROCK, however… Brace yourself, if you don’t know; I was only alerted a few minutes ago. Ladies & Gentleman, from New York City, in time for the 2008 Olympiad (trust me, I’ve not even heard it & it’s worth the build up)–

    I am, for the moment, speechless.

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