Pasta with fennel greens and sausage

Adam whipped this one up, using a recipe from the River Cafe Pasta Cookbook as inspiration. Since the sausage was pork and fennel, and he had fennel tops lying around, he added those to the saute. The saute base was shallots in a mixture of Pugliese unfiltered olive oil and Carlí olive oil with butter. He added tomatoes and chopped (New Jersey, seeded) pepperoncini. Pasta was fresh penne from Ceriello in Grand Central.

We also had a tomme d’Alsace and Forsterk√§se as well. The former was buttery and nutty and matched the Pinot d’Alsace from Zind-Humbrecht (1999) that we drank with the meal. The latter is a washed-rind cheese, powerfully odiferous and creamy, from canton Thurgau in northern Switzerland.