Let The Class Action Suit Against Bruce Hornsby Start Here

Canadian Virginia-spawned vocalist/keyboardist Bruce Hornsby is no stranger to untruth-in-advertising. For years, he fronted a band optimistically known as The Range  when they had little to speak of. Now, he’s hitting the summer shed/state fair circuit as the face and voice behind The Noisemakers.

Though a number of mainstream musicians have flexed their avant chops before (Pat Metheny, Norah Jones’ collaborations with the Bunnybrains, anytime Ashlee Simpson sings without autocue, etc.) I submit there is no greater stretch in hyperbole history than Bruce Hornsby calling his band The Noisemakers.

3 thoughts on “Let The Class Action Suit Against Bruce Hornsby Start Here”

  1. Maybe he means “Noisemakers” as in those screechy little party horns that people hand out at birthdays and stuff.

    “Bruce Hornsby and Those Screechy Little Party Horns From Your Last Crappy New Years Eve”– think of it that way.

  2. Hey, don’t pawn him off on us.

    “Bruce Randall Hornsby (born November 23, 1954 in Williamsburg, Virginia) is an American singer, pianist, accordion player, and songwriter.”

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