Matmos – Live At Chicago’s Permanent Records, July 26

Matmos, currently touring North America in support of their most recent LP/CD, ‘Supreme Balloon’, will be playing at Chicago’s Permanent Records on July 26. We hope you can attend. Not in lieu of the show at the Lakeshore Theatre or anything, but preferably, both.

One thought on “Matmos – Live At Chicago’s Permanent Records, July 26”

  1. I just returned from seeing Matmos in Boulder this evening. Many thanks for coming to perform and share your music. My deepest apologies for the loud and annoying crowd, as well as the poor projection system. As someone new to the area, it has become clear that the people of Boulder and Denver go to see live music just as if they go to a frat party; it is a place to be loud and drunk with your friends. I must say it is very disheartening and little wonder why it is rare that musicians such as yourself come through town. Just be assured, that some of us where there to be silent and let your artistry carry the night, I am sorry such was not the case for the other 2/3 of the crowd. Again, my sincere thanks, and apologies.

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