4th Of July, Battery Park NYC

(from Brian Turner‘s Flickr page)

There were really too many highlights to list. But I’ll try, anyway.

* – The Feelies covering “Outdoor Miner”…and absolutely slaying with material from throughout their illustrious career.
* – watching WFMU‘s Brian Turner forced to give props to American Express.  File under “Things You Will Probably Never See Again”
* – Sonic Youth –  turning old chestnuts “The World Looks Red” and “Making The Nature Scene” inside out. 90+ minutes of selections from across a 27 year span. If you’re one of the folks that paid scalper dough for a ticket, you actually got your money’s worth.
* – some guy wearing a Drazen Petrovic throwback.  Had I worn mine, the hair-pulling would’ve been outta control.
* – fantastic blast from the past sightings :  See/Hear’s Ted Gottfried, Richard Kern, Ken Katkin, acting/journalism double threat Brad Holbrook.
* – The Staten Island Ferry. Every day, it brings people to at least one location that doesn’t suck.

(OK, Brad Holbrook wasn’t there. But I was just wondering how he chose to celebrate our Nation’s birthday, and if he picked an event other than Sonic Youth and the Feelies, he’s a BAD AMERICAN)

10 thoughts on “4th Of July, Battery Park NYC”

  1. Staten Island is on the incline. Check out our many quality bands:

    the heavenly tenants(playing the knitting factory Tuesday), the great unwashed, kilgore trout is dead, captain ahab and the sea crackens, paragraph, vessels, wahoo skiffle crazies, and many others.

    This show was amazing and there were many bearded islanders in attendance.

  2. Tim,

    I guess the other Great Unwashed will have to feel great knowing their name & legacy have been ferry-jacked.

    What, you guys on Staten island don’t have Google?

  3. Don’t forget about actual poor people from the early 19th century, they were the real originators!

  4. Gerard,

    Picking on Staten Island seems far too easy a target for a man of your wit and taste. Why don’t you just complain about airplane food while you’re at it?

    According to Tom Scharpling, Staten Island ranks higher than the perfect waffle. And while SI’s Great Unwashed are unfortunately named, they do a pretty awesome cover of “Pink Turns to Blue.”

  5. PB –

    there’s no target too easy for a man of my wit and taste. You oughta know that by know.

    p.s. – ever notice that airline food is almost always terrible? what’s up with that?

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