Jaguar Love – European Tour Diary Pt. II

(editor’s note : Jaguar Love are in the midst of the debut European tour at the moment, and while they’ll be stateside later this month —- they’re playing the Siren Fest on July 19 and then embarking on a full US tour with The Faint — the band are graciously keeping us abreast during their current jaunt. Here’s the latest dispatch from guitarist Cody Votolato.)

In Graz, Austria right now. Its hot as hell but that’s not a complaint. I’ve never been here before though the town seems pretty great. Haven’t gotten a chance to venture out much, but we are going to this vegetarian joint near the club called Mangold for dinner in a bit. We just spent two days in Prague, which was really great as well. Zane, J and I stomped all over the city and back a few times it felt like. Prague is most definitely a tourist trap, but it almost doesn’t seem to matter because the city is so powerful. It’s kind of great being in a place with so many people from all over the world around you. I suppose you gotta be in the right mood to deal with it. I was. It was also the Euro finals and people were gathered in the center to watch the game. Crazed. Germany vs. Spain. It seemed that the people Prague had Spains back for the most part. I was expecting the town to blow up when Spain won, but it turned into a ghost town pretty quickly. Short-lived excitement. Sunday night blues. We tried to get into something, but nothing was going on at all. The train stopped running at midnight so we hopped in a cab ride back to the bus and found Jessie and Craig hanging in the dark. We lost bus power, but we had a good time shooting the shit until we fell off to slumber one by one. Woke up in the heat of the bus in the morning. We all pounced on a Laundromat near the club. Pretty much all In dire straits. The show ended up being really fun in Prague. A lot of great people came out to the show and it made for a good night. Even saw our good friend Aaron unexpectedly. I gotta split now to go and eat. Talk soon…

* – Jaguar Love – “Bats Over The Pacific Ocean” (mp3)